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Summer With Surf City

Sign up to help one or two weeks this Summer with our kids.

Summer With Surf City

This year in Surf City kids we've had leaders who committed to investing in your kids EVERY SINGLE WEEK?! Plus the rest of our school year team serves at least once a month. We experienced beautiful fruit from their investment and now it's time to give them a rest.  You can help support this amazing team this summer by serving at least 1 Sunday with our Surf City kids. 

It's been a challenge to re-assemble our team after covid and we need you. Everyone has busy schedules in the summer, but if everyone picked just one hour, one Sunday this summer, we would easily be covered. Please respond as soon as possible but by May 22nd, so I can get the schedule out to you by June 1st.

Everything will be prepared for you making it easy for you to simply show up and hang out with our kids. Also this doesn't commit you to anything in future, just your week(s) this summer.