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Surf City can't meet right now so we want to help our families spend time together talking about faith and Jesus.

You don't need a bible degree, craft supplies, a huge chunk of time or the perfect environment. You only need a little bit of time (around 10 minutes) to start having meaningful spiritual conversations in your home. These can be be simple, silly, long or deep. Let your child lead the way and trust that God will work in them, and probably you too!

Week 10

Today’s Scripture: Mark 1:35

Discussion Question:

  • What are some ways God talks to us?
  • When can you take a quiet moment this week to listen to God?

Worship Songs: John 13:34

Week 9

Today’s Scripture: Acts 2:42-47

Discussion Questions: Share a time when you or someone else in your family did these 3 things

1. Encourage someone

2. Meet someone's needs

3. Help someone do what is right

Make a plan as a family to try do all three of those things for someone outside of your family this week.

Worship Songs: John 13:34

Week 8

Today’s Scripture: Acts 8:26-34

Discussion Questions: Who are the people in your life that you can show or tell about Jesus?

Worship Songs: I know I Belong

Week 7

Today’s Scripture: Acts 2

Discussion Questions: What are some ways you can spend time with Jesus? What can you do to grow closer to Jesus?

Worship Songs: I know I Belong

Week 6

Today’s Scripture: Acts 1:6-11, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:19-20 Luke 24:50-53

Discussion Question: Who can you share the good news about Jesus with?

Worship Song: Tell the World

Week 5

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11

Discussion Question:

  • How would Jesus treat people?
  • What things do you see people doing that remind you of Jesus?

Worship Songs: Come with me & Tell the World

Week 4

Today's Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11

Discussion Question: When have you felt tempted?

Write out an ACTS Prayer together:

  • Awesome
  • Confess
  • Thanks
  • Supply

Worship Songs: Jesus Loves Me & Come with me 

Week 3

Today's Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17

Discussion Question: What does baptism mean to you?

Worship Songs: I Just Want to Thank you & Come with me  

Week 2

Today's Scripture: Luke 2:41-52

Discussion Question: What do you think Jesus learned from his parents?

Worship Song: Click to Play John 20:31 Children of God

Week 1

Questions and Links

Today's Scripture: Luke 2:41-52

Discussion Question: How do you picture Jesus?

Worship Song: John 20:31