Surf City Kids

Kids & Gatherings

Our kids will stay with us as we begin our new season of indoor gatherings. You can grab a table for your family and activity bags from the welcome area.

We would love to reopen our Surf City rooms in the future, but we need your help and feedback.

If you are interested in serving in Surf City please fill out this form, and if you have questions or feedback about what regathering our kids looks like please contact Laura Inman.

Weekly Resources

Recommended Kids Bible: The Jesus Storybook Bible is the perfect storybook bible for kids up through 6th grade. Visually, it brings scripture to life for kids and points them to Jesus. We'll be using this for the next couple of months & encourage you to purchase your child their very own. Then help them remember to bring it with them each week!

Kids Activity Bags

  • Each colored bag contains different activities
  • Includes a page corresponding to a Bible story focus
  • In addition: a craft, treat & prize for kids
  • Return the bags & materials (crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) each week
  • Grab a different color the next week

Orange Bags- Thankful

Scripture: Psalms 107:1 "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His faithful love endures forever."


Thankful Elementary Week 1

Thankful Elementary Week 2

Thankful Elementary Week 3

Thankful Elementary Week 4


What popped out to you today?

Do you think God wants you to know something? What is it?

What can we thank God for?

Worship (see links below) & Pray

Teal Bags- Beatitudes

Read the Story: Matthew 5:1-11


  1. What do you think it means when Jesus said "Blessed are those?"
  2. These are called Beatitudes. When we choose these attitudes, what are some of the things Jesus said will happen?
  3. Draw a picture of a bee & write one of the attitudes that you want to focus on this week then hang your bee in a place that will remind you.


Week 1 Blessed Are the Humble

Week 2 Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Week 3 Blessed Are the Pure of Heart

Week 4 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Worship (see links below) & Pray

Worship Links

Interactive Kids Videos