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Ashamed No More

Find freedom from sexually destructive behaviors. Meetings weekly.

Ashamed No More

Did you know that 60% or more of men have struggled or continue to struggle with pornography and their sexual integrity?

This problem is often hidden away, leaving the individual feeling shameful and alone. But the truth is you are not alone, and the only way to find freedom is bringing these problems into the light.

We have started this group for anyone who has struggled with sexual integrity either now or in the past. The group will be for those looking to gain victory over any sexually destructive or unwanted behaviors. Our groups meet weekly, and are an anonymous, supportive environment for men 18 and above.

We also know that many females are looking for this kind of help as well. If you would like to know how to start a group for women, let us know by using the sign up below and our facilitators will train you.

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