Above and Beyond

Give toward Global and Local Projects

What is Above and Beyond?

As a faith family each year we work together on a year-end giving opportunity called “Above and Beyond.” It is our desire to go above and beyond our regular, faithful giving to invest in the global and local opportunities listed below by the end of the year.

Local Investment:

There are two specific areas locally we would love to assist more:

  1. The first is working alongside other local churches to provide resources for those facing eviction and housing challenges.
  2. The second is funding our local partners (ie. Love In Action, Fresh Coast Alliance, Mosaic, etc.) to meet the increasing needs in our community.

We are seeking to raise $15,000 to support these local mission opportunities.

Global Investment: Ethiopia

Our partners and friends in Shone Gerbe have shared that in addition to providing training, support, and micro-loans for income-generating initiatives for families, there are medical needs that we can fund. We are seeking to raise $5,000 for this project.