Find out more about our 9th - 12th grade community

Time & Location

Sunday Nights:

First Sunday of the Month : United Night with "Warehouse"

7pm - 8:30p

All Shores Wesleyan in Spring Lake

Remaining Sundays : Verge Gatherings

7pm - 8:15p

Watermark Hub in Grand Haven

Upcoming Events

  • January 20

Night Of Worship: : 6 - 7:30p at Watermark Hub

Verge : : 7:30 - 8:15p at Watermark Hub

  • January 27

Verge : : 7 - 8:15p at Watermark Hub

  • February 3

First Sunday : : 7 - 8:20p with Warehouse at All Shores

NTS Summer Camp

Indiana Wesleyan University

June 16-20

About Verge

Verge is Watermark's high school (9-12th grade) community that exists to help high school students become and grow as disciples of Jesus, belong to life-giving community, and discover how to join God in His mission here and now.

Verge regularly gathers on Sundays from 7-8:15 pm at the Watermark Hub.

However, on the first Sunday of the month we unite with "Warehouse" (All Shores Wesleyan's high school students) from 7-8:30 pm.

All high school students are welcome!